Finally picked Apple Airport Extreme for my router

Well, finally is a relative term. I have been using Apple’s Airport Extreme for my router for a number of months. This is a Wireless-N Dual Band Gigabit router.

From a previous entry, you will remember I tried the Netgear and DLink Routers, but had issue with my setup.

So, I went out and bought an Apple Airport Extreme and easily set up the router to work in my Verizon FIOs environment. I also hooked up two USB external hard drives which are now available to all my computers and other media devices. One of these hard drives I am using for Time Machine Backups.

The router is working almost perfectly for me. The backups have a problem. It worked for the first month, but since then my Time Machine on my Macbook can no longer find the hard drive. So, I have reverted back to attached that hard drive directly to my laptop when doing a backup. While a pain to unplug one cable and attach it with one cable(Yes, I am lazy), it runs much faster then when I went through the wireless network and router.

I can always remove the Verizon Router between the internet connect and the Airport Extreme, and use the Airport Extreme as the only router, which is a better solution.

Overall, I am happy I chose Apple Airport Extreme for my router, but I also did like the Belkin quick install.

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