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One month with AppleTV 2.0

Yes, I pre-ordered the new AppleTV and have been using it for the past two months.

I cancelled my Verizon FIOs TV Service two weeks ago.

I really like the new look of the AppleTV. That small little box looks really cool on my entertainment system furniture.

Setup was too easy, plug it in and plug the HDMI cable to my AVR. I think adding it to my Logitech One remote was more difficult. The UI for entering your username password for Netflix etc was not clean. The typical letters in keyboard layout but only move to the left or right with the remote makes for a slow process. But quicker than I found with my Samsung 3D Blu-ray player. (More about that in another post)

Once all the username/password has been entered you are good to go.

My wife, Franziska, was a little hesitant to cancel our TV service, but I assured her that while not every show is free, or every thing you can watch on TV is available, in the not to distant future that will change. Now she loves AppleTV, and had vowed to not pay for a single show, rental or not. Instead she says that she has way more than enough content to watch through Netflix and Podcasts. She is focused on Suze Orman show for now.

I really like the UI and watching shows too, but I am still waiting for the ability to load iOS apps. That is when AppleTV will really stick out.

I like GoogleTV too and think they have a bit more at this moment that makes it a better choice for now. That logitech keyboard is really cool. Wish they included a blu-ray player in it like Sony’s standalone player. A stand alone player is great for those that don’t want to buy a new Sony TV to get Google TV.

But for only $99 for AppleTV, it is a great deal, I might get both. I saved over $1000 a year on cancelling my cable, so there is some money left over to get both.


Finally picked Apple Airport Extreme for my router

Well, finally is a relative term. I have been using Apple’s Airport Extreme for my router for a number of months. This is a Wireless-N Dual Band Gigabit router.

From a previous entry, you will remember I tried the Netgear and DLink Routers, but had issue with my setup.

So, I went out and bought an Apple Airport Extreme and easily set up the router to work in my Verizon FIOs environment. I also hooked up two USB external hard drives which are now available to all my computers and other media devices. One of these hard drives I am using for Time Machine Backups.

The router is working almost perfectly for me. The backups have a problem. It worked for the first month, but since then my Time Machine on my Macbook can no longer find the hard drive. So, I have reverted back to attached that hard drive directly to my laptop when doing a backup. While a pain to unplug one cable and attach it with one cable(Yes, I am lazy), it runs much faster then when I went through the wireless network and router.

I can always remove the Verizon Router between the internet connect and the Airport Extreme, and use the Airport Extreme as the only router, which is a better solution.

Overall, I am happy I chose Apple Airport Extreme for my router, but I also did like the Belkin quick install.