Sezmi at Best Buy – in store review

I just visited Best Buy and they had a Sezmi all setup that you can see a demo and even try it out.

I was impressed by this service/device.

However, please note that as of right now, they are just testing things out. The service is only available in certain cities.

Check if Sezmi is available in your area

Here is what you get

  1. TV Service. There are two packages and both are extremely cheap. For $4.95 a month you can get your standard network channels like ABC, NBC, etc. For $19.95 they include some cool cable channels, like my favorite SyFy. Pricing PackagesI have heard that they are also working on a sports package. Because we need those live sporting events which are difficult to find streaming live over the internet.
  2. DVR You can record all that you watch through their services. However, you cannot take these programs off of the device. I would assume this is because of the TV service. Just like a cable companies DVR where you can’t remove the programs you record because of the law. Whereas, Tivo, since they don’t provide the content they can have programs transferred to your computer or mobile device.
  3. On Demand Movies and TV shows. You can rent movies and TV shows from .99 cents to 4.99. You can also purchase movies for around $14.95. But remember if you purchase them, they stay on the internal HD (see below) and you cannot take them off the device.
  4. 1TB Internal Hard Drive. For you to store hours of SD and HD content.
  5. USB port to add an external Hard Drive
  6. Network connectivity So you can access your media from a server, NAS drive or computer connected to your network
  7. Internet streaming. You can watch YouTube, Podcasts, Crackle. That is all for right now. If you have a Tivo, it is the same stuff you can get from YouTube and Internet On Demand stuff. As long as I can get my DiggNation, I am a happy camper.
  8. Built in UI. The UI was pretty easy to navigate, but for each selection you might wait a couple of seconds for it to show you results.
    • A Big plus is the ability to continue to watch whatever is currently playing while you search for other media.
    • You can have multiple users, meaning you can hide some of your media from your kids. (You know which media I mean)
    • A decent search, for the times you know exactly what you want to watch, but don’t want to waddle through the menus and take time for each to load.

Total Cost is $299 for all the components, plus your monthly fees.

It looks like I could only find it at Best Buy. Here is a link to Best Buy to order it online*.

*This is not an affiliate link at this point.

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