My first WordPress Blog and post

Welcome to the MediaServerBlog, or On a Quest for a Media Server blog.

You could probably guess by the name that this blog is about Media Servers.

Well, yes it is, but when we talk about Media Servers, this also includes any set-top box, wireless router, Networked Hard Drives and some other AV devices that can be used to stream your media content from your “local” storage or form the internet. And this means any content from audio and video to photos and maybe games.

I am on a quest to find just the perfect setup for my home to stream everything. Well, maybe not everything right away, and maybe you only want to stream your iTunes music, or you don’t have a lot to spend. I am kind of on the fence right now, hence all my research I am doing. And I am going to reduce all that research down to the must know information for you and I to make a well informed decision.

This will be the welcome page and as I add new blog posts I will also assimilate them here so that you can simply click the “track” that you are going down and be able to skip posts that might not mean anything for your dream setup.


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